We have been providing expert services for 7 years, dedicated to providing the absolute finest personal and professional photography and videography sessions. Whether you’re looking for wedding event specialists, press photography, studio and modelling shoots or commercial photo sessions, you’re guaranteed to get the best quality service there is in the East London area. Our talented photographers carry the experience, expertise and skills to make our clients shine, guaranteeing an amazing first impression from their portfolio.

Wedding Portfolios

Tradition is the foundation of family, and weddings is possibly the most important ceremony where two families, and two lines of tradition come together. When you’re looking at bonding together two lives, and two families, you need someone who knows the traditions you and your family hold dear. SmallRoomPictures has been providing highly skilled, knowledgeable photographers and camera men to families from all walks of life, taught to be sensitive and aware of the traditions of the families whose special day they’re recording for the rest of their life.

Asian Weddings

Small Room Pictures also specializes in Asian weddings, with all their attendant details. We know the importance of the Sikh Ritual to the Japanese traditions, and the Tea Ritual to those of Chinese origin, and are proficient in properly capturing those on film. We know these are just the beginning, and whether it’s capturing this moment, or the purification with milk and water from Indian tradition, we’re going to honour these and bring them together in a portfolio of memories of your special day.

Muslim Weddings

Small Room Pictures has been specializing in Muslim wedding filming and photography throughout its career. We are familiar with all the intricacies involved with these intricate ceremonies, including the proper methods to record every aspect of your wedding. We have worked in Muslim weddings from  different backgrounds, including those that include the full range of Mehndi, Nikkah, and Walima. We can even provide separate female filming staff appropriate to your needs and desires.


In addition to capturing all of the above in pictures, we also carry a staff of experts knowledgeable in providing you with stunning video that is modern. No matter whether you’re looking for a portfolio of stills, or a video composed in a way that honours this very important day, we’ll provide you with the professional touch that will make your memories last a lifetime.

No matter what you need, the experts at Small Room Pictures will provide you with stunning results. We bring you high quality HD video and amazing photography, recording your special moments forever. We have experience in all forms of photography, including high profile weddings, corporate company events, and much more. When you’re looking for a photography company that will bring out the best of your event, contact us today!

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